Have You Considered Boiling Water? ­­­­

What an amazing entity.  Beyond a cup of coffee or tea, beyond cooking, the simplicity of boiling water.

People spend a fortune on chemicals to rid themselves of the weeds and grass that grows between the cracks of sidewalks, driveways, patios.  Pulling the weeds and grass is very difficult and does not necessarily get the roots, so very quickly, the weeds and grass return.  How really effective are the chemicals?  Usually to get a really good kill, hours of hot sun is required.  If it rains, effectiveness is cut drastically if not totally.  Consider the damage is done to the environment by using these chemicals: our water and air, our children and pets, wildlife and every other living thing on this earth.  All before considering our pocketbooks.

I believe that it is time to consider methods that have a smaller price on the environment, our children and pets, as well as our pocketbooks.  Now back to the thought of boiling water.  Boil a pot of water and ladle it out onto the troublesome weeds and/or grass.  This is the most effective way of eliminating unwanted plants and weeds that I have ever seen.  None survive.  Even the indestructible quack grass stands no chance against the boiling water.  It kills the entire plant, including the roots.  If it rains shortly thereafter, no problem, if the sun is not shining or you only have time in the evening, again no problem.  The weeds and grass will be gone in a very short time.  The seeds present will be cooked so they will not germinate.  The mature plants and roots will also be cooked so they will quickly decompose and be gone.  New seeds will eventually find their way into the area, but nuisance re-growth will take much more time than if you were using one of the chemicals on the market.

Please be careful not to splash the boiling water on anyone including you.  It will burn or scald.  Also, do not pour too close to plants and or grass you do not want to kill.

If you are doing boarders, experiment with small amounts.  You will be surprised how little is required to get a remarkable result without damaging the environment.

Do you have ants?  Boiling water poured onto the ant hills is the best way to rid yourself of this nuisance as well.  The hill might require a couple of treatments, but I can assure you that the ants will not develop a resistance to it!

Boiling some water and spreading it around.  What could be simpler?


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