To See the Rainbow

Rainbow in dark clouds

My words
Dead so long
But I guess
They were never really gone

Chained with my soul
Frozen in my heart
They were waiting, like me
For a fresh start

Can anyone truly see
How much I needed to be free
From the torment and pain
From the fear of going insane

Feelings safely hidden deep within
Where no one could touch them
Nor could they begin to see
All he was taking away from me

A glimmer was there
Of a rainbow I’d dreamed
The time finally came
So I screamed

For the help I so needed
For me and my son
We now have a new life
The time has begun

To take the chains off
For me to be me
The words are my own
They come from a need

To learn again
What it is to be
Truly alive
And finally free

Tracey D L Wrixon

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