Overhaul NFL’s OT

The National Football League’s overtime rules have been questioned by football fans the world over for many years. I find it particularly frustrating when the team that wins the coin toss marches down the field, kicks a field goal, and game over. This has occurred 55% of the time since the NFL started sudden death overtime in 1974.

I prefer the overtime structures of the Canadian Football League, the American College Football and Canadian University Football. The systems offer an equal number of offensive and defensive possessions to determine the winner.

The Canadian Football League rules for overtime state: If the score is tied at the end of a game, each team gets an opportunity to scrimmage from its opponent’s 35-yard-line, until it makes a score or loses possession. If the score remains tied, the procedure is repeated at the opposite end of the stadium. If the score is still tied after each team has had two attempts, the game is declared a tie if it’s a regular season game. If the game is a playoff or championship game the same procedure continues until a winner is finally decided. This past year the Canadian Football League’s Board of Governors approved a rule change that now has teams that score a touchdown in overtime be required to go for a two-point convert by running or passing the ball into the end zone instead of kicking for a single point. (cfl.ca)

This past spring May 2018, the Canadian Football League’s commissioner called on fans to give their feedback and he asked them to pay particular attention to whether the league’s overtime format could be improved. Fans sent in more than 2,000 rules suggestions, with about 1,500 of them focused on overtime.

The NCAA rules for college football overtime are certainly different from that of the NFL’s. In college football, if two teams are tied after the final whistle of the fourth quarter, the teams will meet at the 50-yard line for another coin flip to determine the possession of the first extra period. The visiting team picks heads or tails. The teams will play extra periods until there is a winner. The order of possession is changed after each period.

The extra period begins at the 25-yard line, and each team is given the opportunity to score a touchdown or field goal. After the fist team completes its drive with a score or turnover, the opposing team has the same opportunity from the 25-yard line. If the teams are still tied after the second team’s possession, they must play another period. If the game goes into a third overtime, they can no longer kick extra points after touchdowns and must instead attempt a two-point conversion. (https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/college-football-overtime-rules-explained)

Canadian college football has a similar set of rules but each team begins from the 35-yard line of the opposing team. (cisfootball.org)

It’s time the NFL gets out of the dark ages and adopts an overtime system similar to that of the CFL and both American and Canadian college leagues. For each team to have the same number of offensive and defensive possessions will not only create balance and fairness. It is long overdue.

Forever Homes and Considerations for Dogs

It is very important that you learn about the dog breed that you are considering joining your family. Buy dog books or go to the library and read about the background of the specific dog breed you are considering. Check online as there are many reliable sources to learn about the temperament, size, care, exercise needs.

Some other important characteristics for consideration will include whether or not the dog sheds, optimal brushing, and ear care requirements. It is important to know things like floppy ear dogs require additional ear care as there is a lack of air flow to the inner ear which causes more frequent ear infections.

Some people take a garden hose to their dog or wash them once a year if that. I do not believe that this is sufficient. Dogs may not always like the part about getting in the tub or the actual bath process but they all love to be clean. Our dogs, after they have been bathed, will go back to the bathroom a number of times and look down at the bathtub as if to say. “Ha, I conquered you”. At least once per month is ideal for us with our current dogs. We had a golden retriever that had many allergies including skin irritations. He could not go long without a bath before he started itching. We needed to bath him almost every two weeks.

It is best to know whether a dog will fit your particular lifestyle before they join your family. Discarding dogs after the fact can cause irreparable harm to an innocent. Animals are important members of our families and should be treated as such. They are innocents and dependents. We need to exercise them, teach them, love them, and care for them with patience for their entire lives. We can learn so much from our furry friends, and they from us.

It is very important to determine if you are up to all the work that is required to properly care for the breed of dog that you are considering as an addition to your family.

It is also very important to consider the emotional attachment and investment when we add a dog to our households. Generally speaking, we are expected to outlive our dogs and the emotional responsibility of a sick or old dog at the end of their lives is an extremely emotional time. The responsibility will fall to us.

Dogs bond strongly with their owners/guardians. If given away or sheltered they will likely develop depression and possibly anxiety issues. It is best if you are considering acquiring a dog that you know you will be there for them for their entire lives and that they will fit your lifestyle now and in the future.


Staff and Customer Respect

Respect your staff and your customers

Two of the most important tenants in business are to treat your staff and your customers with respect and consideration.  When successfully executed, a business will begin to realize its true potential.

Pay your staff accurately

Your employees are employed to do a job.  It is vitally important to pay your staff accurately.  If paychecks are issued in hardcopy, they should be released as early in the day as possible to allow the employees the opportunity to get to the bank on their lunch or afternoon break.

If your business is struggling, or in slow period, remember, your employees should be paid first, before you. It is important to pay staff on time, and in full every time.

Empower your staff

Keep your employees current on work related matters.  Bulletins from suppliers that provide information of products or rebates and recall notices are important tools for your staff to assist your customers.

Empowering employees with more information instills the feeling of trust which will in turn encourage staff to work hard for both your customers and therefore, you.

Listen to your staff

Be a good listener!  Listening to, and acknowledging what your employees had to say can have a profound effect on your business.  Tom Peters of the “In Search of the WOW”, states that the most successful companies listen to the ground or frontline employees.  These companies will reward employees when good ideas are suggested and incorporated into the company’s business model.

Reward your staff

Rewarding employees is important and it does not need to be monetary.  Telling employees that they did a good job can go a long way to increasing employee satisfaction.  It is helpful to take opportunities to thank your staff.  Be that at a Christmas party, staff barbecue, or a meeting, a few words thanking your staff for a job well done, and perhaps singling out an exemplary employee for credit, will encourage other employees to step up their games.

When employees feel appreciated and respected they will have a greater tendency to perform at a higher level and are more likely to enjoy coming to work with their attendance greatly improved.

Happier employees generally result in happier customers, and your business can only benefit!


“Take care of your customers and your bottom line will take care of itself” said John Verde, USPTA Master Tennis Teaching Professional and President of Strokemaster Tennis products. What is taking care of your customers and how does one go about doing this?

Listening to what the customer is saying or asking for is very important. Have you fully comprehended what was said and reasonably acted upon the information?

When shortfalls occur in customer service, it is important to acknowledge it and rectify the situation as soon as possible. An apology to your customer is also warranted. Be open and honest about what happened and offer a solution as to how you will deal with their problem.

Occasionally, offering a small discount or adding a “little extra something” can go along way to appease the customer. Often, an apology will suffice.

Respecting the customers; time is also very important. Handling requests as quickly as possible reducing any delays for the customer especially if they are waiting for a specific order or product may result in a less frustrated customer.  It is also very important to keep the customer up to date with how the situation progresses.

Be sure to thank your customers for their business and let them know that you appreciate their patronage. By keeping your customers happy, they will likely become repeat customers and there is a good chance they will recommend your business to their friends, family and coworkers.

Word of mouth is one of the best types of advertising available.  The above simple tips can set you on the path to maximizing and capitalizing on that very profitable tool.